ZiniTevi the best third party Movie streaming freeware on iOS & Android platforms now you can download with a grateful convenience way.

This application has been dedicated very huge amount of variations.

Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons,Animated Movies with a Well categorized manner.

So now you can stop to pay for your favorite Movies or wasting your time/money.

ZiniTevi very mobile friendly and easy to download and manipulate.

Thus we would like to invite for all Movie lovers to join with ZiniTevi & watch your favorite entertainment with you need all.

Here we are going to dig it up with a full descriptive passion.

What is ZiniTevi ?

ZiniTevi is the best movie streaming free mobile friendly application that you can use on your iOS and Android platforms.

This app is working on iPhone,iPad/Android smart Phone/Apple TV/Android smart TV/FireStick/Laptop/Pc & more.

So this is not just only for you.

You can enjoy this application with your family too.

Can watch movies with your friends and share your favorites with your friends.

Then download and watch your variations with subtitles.

ZiniTevi iOS

If you are an iOS device user,you are very lucky to use ZiniTevi on your iPhone/iPad.

ZiniTevi iOS version available with the latest updated features.

This application works on iOS 9 and the latest versions.

So if you are one of those versions user,try this our direct downloading links.

ZiniTevi Android(CucoTV)

APK version of ZiniTevi now available as CucoTV.

Very attractive and fascinate interface easy to handle.

You can watch your movies online or offline.

Automatic loading subtitles available with multi languages.


CucoTV is the APK version of ZiniTevi.

You can download right now with following features.

This application provides full HD videos for users with a regular updating manner.

ZiniTevi For Fire TV Stick

You can stream your favorite Movies to your Fire TV stick very easily.Then you can watch with your family with all you needed features and options.

ZiniTevi ON PC/Laptop/MacOS

You can watch Movies using your PC,Laptop/MacOS via ZiniTevi.

You just want to do play the video that you want to stream on your PC/Laptop/MacOS & tap on the fourth icon at the top right side.

Then enter the link shown on your PC/Laptop/MacOS web browser.

Where you must use a same internet connection your both devices.

ZiniTevi On Google’s Chromecast,Smart TV,Roku

Please connect your devices to the same internet connection.

Then make sure that your device is turn on.

Then play the video on your smart phone.

Tap on the Cast icon on video.

Then select your TV device that you wanted to stream the Movie.


Finally we would glad to say that ZiniTevi is the best way to watch your favorite Movies,TV Shows & Cartoons with all features.

You can directly download your favorite videos with subtitles without redirecting on web browser.

Not require money to download and install this application.This application’s all contains also free to use.So you can confidentially use this application on your any of device to stream any entertainment.