Privacy Policy extremely an educational website which provide our service for our users.All data that we collect from our users we done according to the Spanish Laws on the protection of personal data and Regulation(EU) 2016/679.This laws have been approved at Europian Parliment.Moreover all data we collect for provide our service with a satisfied end.Provisioning & completion of our service is the main purpose of collecting your personal data.Except those purposes we are not using your personal informations to any sellingof a product or publish to public.

Where we must inform to our users that if we want to use collected personal informations to provide our service for them,we are not doing it without particular users consent indeed.If we want to use those personal data,the user who need our service should fulfill our forms with filling those requirements with complete understanding that what they are providing.So if they not agree with those requirements ,you can avoid to providing your personal informations.Therefore we are collecting your personal informations 100& your consent with providing a 100% understanding.

How we protect your data ?

We use a well protected security system to protect your data from deletion,unauthorized access,misusing and any kind of violation that might be a harm for your personal informations.We are not publish your data to the public at all.But if you are using our commenting area to communicate with us,your user name will be appeared.

Collecting Data Types

This website is only an educational website.Therefore we are not promoting or selling any copyright contents or products via this website.We always respect and protect the copyright rights of original owners.But we are providing all knowledge about third party apps,games,and other entertainment apps via this website extremely for users knowledge only.Therefore we request from all users to use this website only for your educational purpose.Furthermore we would like to say that any product that we are giving an educational guide through this website not our own products.We are directly not affiliated with those products and we are not taking any responsibility about the copyright contents of those products at all.Hence users must take their own risk when they are using those products their own willing.Being an educational website we just need from your to provide our feedback,

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Except these we are using google webmaster tool and the analytic dash board to check our website traffic generating.Thank your google for this service.

Retention period of collected data

We retention data until our service complete.After the process we remove all your data from our platform.Our service you may know that providing answers and necessary arrangements to your needs.

Finally we again indicate that we are not using any copyright contents or not pomoting any product via this website at all.Therefore this website only for your educational purpose.Please use this website and its contents only for your knowledge update about each product without harming those original owners.We are not directly affiliated with owners of those products.