TutuApp VIP version is the payable version of TutuApp which is available for $12.99/Year indeed.This version has been differed from the regular free version due to its commercial statuses.If you have faced on matters due to ads have trouble when you open up TutuApp,VIP version will relief you from those troubles indeed.No more ads no more commercial videos will trouble you while you are using this application on your smart device.TutuApp VIP version you can use as same as your mobile default app store.All contained apps and games are genuine as well as downloadable even paid apps/games also. If you are still being with the regular version of this application and you are willing to use VIP version,its time to know about the entire architecture and other access methods.Please keep reading and make sure that you have provide your payment details to the right party.

Excellency’s Of TutuApp VIP

  • Exclusive games and apps to download
  • New games uploading to play
  • 100% ads free
  • Great VIP customer service

If you are trying to use a third party app store beyond your default app store, we recommend you TutuApp VIP without any argument indeed.This application do not contain any harmful threats indeed.Hence you can use this without activate any security guard.Let’s see that what the way you have to follow to get this version.

As your very first step ,you should become a VIP.Use the navigate button to reach on that site which provides TutuApp VIP downloading navigation path as well as VIP file.

TutuApp VIP requirements

  • iOS 8 or upper version
  • Stable internet connection
  • iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch device

How to become a TutuApp VIP

As the first step you should make your own TutuApp account using your TutuApp regular free version.After create your account using your email address ,go to profile and find out your UID.Then please click the button to continue the process.

Step 01:Go to https://tutuapp.vip

Step 02:Go to VIP section

Step 03:Where you will see blue color Become a VIP button and tap on it

Step 04:Then provide your UID and password according to the requirements

Step 05:After the previous step ,you shuld go on the way with providing your billing details as require.

Finally you will become a TutuApp VIP member with this amazing app store.Please leave a comment with mentioning good & bad things of this page.Thank you..!!!