Panda Helper On Android.

Hello Android device users! Welcome to Panda Helper help center with all you needed educational guides. Can you remember of any day that you tapped on the download button of an app or a game and cancelled it in the next second just because you need to pay to get that app installed in your device?  If so hereafter you will never have to bother  by paying for apps. You won’t even believe your ears if I say that there are a bunch of third party app stores through which you can download the so called paid apps and games for free.  Sometimes you may be already aware of plenty of such third party app stores and you may wonder what to choose out of the list. Even without a slightest hesitation I would recommend you Panda Helper APK for it is one of the top ranking app store with lot of striking features. Moreover this app store will provide you access to thousands of tweaked apps, game apps and hacked apps too. You just need to have installed Android 4.0 in order to download this.  Let’s do an in-depth study on this alternative app store. Stay connected buddies!

Panda Helper  Mod APK

Panda Helper Mod APK is the modified version of Panda Helper. Through this modified version you are allowed to enjoy more enhanced features. It also provides limitless access to thousands of premium apps. This version is also compatible with any Android version.

How to download Panda Helper

When talking about the installation process of this super fascinating app store you have to make sure that you download it from the official website. In order to download the app store, all you need to do is following the simple steps below.

  1. Open any browser installed in your device and type Panda Helper APK in the search bar.
  2. Then tap on the second search result you see which is the official website site
  3. Or else you can simply tap on the download button appear here you’ll be directed to the official website.
  4. Then tap on any of the three download buttons you see in the website
  5. After tapping a pop up message will appear on the screen and just ignore and tap on ok.
  6. Then open the downloaded app, go to Settings on the Chrome pop-up and enable ‘Allow from this source’ and installation process will begin.
  7. Once it’s completed the Panda Helper icon will appear on your device.
  8. At this stage app store is ready to use and you have the access to thousands of tweaked apps and game apps.

Why doesn’t the Panda Helper download?

This usually happens may be because Google might have revoked the app certificates.  But after a little while you’ll be able to download it for its developers regularly substitute the certificates.

How to recover when app  stopped working?

Go to Settings then App Manager. Then tap on All Apps from menu. Next select  App Preferences. Then tap on Reset Now. Now open Panda Helper and it’ll obviously work properly.

How to delete the app

It’s quite simple. You just have to follow the same steps you do to uninstall any other app.

1.Go to settings and navigate to apps.

2. When you reach the apps list look for Panda Helper and tap on it.

3. Then scroll down and tap on uninstall button

4. Next tap on Ok to confirm and wait until the uninstallation process finishes.


  1. It has been tested by the developers that it’s absolutely safe to download Panda Helper APK in your device as it does not require to do neither rooting nor it does not contain malware or spyware. So Panda Helper has won the hearts of thousands of its users.
  2. You can download any game app or tweaked app at no cost. Yes you heard it correct. You do not need to spend on apps that can be downloaded for absolutely free from a third party app store like Panda Helper.  The apps store doesn’t even charge even any sort of subscription fee
  3. The user-friendly interface will help you to find your favourite apps without much hassle.
  4. As this supports any Android version, you can download the app store without making any changes the current operating system
  5. You can use the Panda Helper not only to download paid apps for free, but also to update them without any cost.

Mod Features:

  1. You won’t have neither to register anywhere nor to any sort of subscription.

2. Downloading of mod is totally free.

3. After having installed the app you can enjoy the facility of choosing different slot games and card games.

4. It won’t bother you by the advertisements from third parties.

  • The game has a mobile-friendly interface.

Plus points

  1. Unlike in the default Play store, the process lf installation of apps is very quick as you can download apps in no time.
  2. You don’t need to bother finding the app store as it’s available in the official website and you can download any version of the app easily.
  3. Once downloaded an APK file will be stored in the device memory. So that you uninstall and reinstall it without downloading.
  4. The Panda Helper doesn’t slow down the functioning of your phone for it is optimized and regularly updated.

Minus points

  1. You have to be very careful when downloading the Panda Helper APK for there are lot of stolen and illegal applications. If you downloaded any such application by mistake the security of your will be in danger and it can hack all the information in your device. So instead of just downloading  whatever the Panda Helper app you see on internet, make sure that you download it from the official and reliable source.

     Further,  hackers have used to use APK files, modify them and facilitate additional applications. So before downloading whatever the third party app store, give a second thought to make sure its legality.

  • The apps you’ve already downloaded  won’t automatically update as they don’t have the access to the Google Play Store

How to use

Navigating app is too simple. You just have to follow the simple steps below.

  1. First launch the app on your Android device.
  2. Then type the name of the app or game on the search bar that you want to download and follow the instructions to get the app in your device.

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Q1- What is Panda Helper APK?

The letters APK stand for  Android Package Kit. It’s a third app store for developed for Android devices. It’s a platform to download any sort of paid app for absolutely free.

O2- Is it safe to download it?

It’s safe to download APK file, but make sure you download the app from the official website.

Q3 How to find hidden files?

In order to find the hidden files, go to My Documents folder, then to the storage folder and then check – either device storage or SD card. Then tap on “More” link in the upper right corner. If there are any hidden files, you will see in the prompt appeared.


Hope this article catered to all your problems regarding the Panda Helper APK.  To sum up this app store is one of the best choice you can make if you are looking for a way to  download apps instantly without bothering  about payments and security issues. Download Panda Helper once and experience the difference of this super user-friendly app store. I guarantee you will agree with all what I explained above.