3uTools Utilities On iDevice Users.

If you are an iDevice user , here we have a great news.

Yes 3uTools has been updated to its latest version V2.61.

With the latest version of 3uTools you can manage your iPhone/iPad almost.

Entire your device you can manipulate with this iOS helper tool.

So this article will help you to figure it out that what are the utilities of 3uTools latest version.

Here we do hope to give you some important ways that you can use with this amazing tool.

First of all we should mention that after installing 3uTools on your PC you can use it to download the latest version of TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad too.

Because 3uTools provides a well categorized app store too.

3uTools Download

How to use the virtual location on 3uTools.

Location is a vital feature in a platform.

Sometimes you need to share your location or you need to set a location on a social media platform.

For that, you can use 3uTools. It has a feature in its toolbox.

Only you have to do is download the 3uTools app correctly to your personal computer.

When you plug your device into the computer you can use this function.

You can use this function according to these steps.

Step 1. First, you can download and install the latest version of 3uTools to your personal computer.

step 2. Then plug in your iDevice to the computer and open ToolBox of 3uTools. Then open the option
Virtual Location.

step 3. Then you should open the Google Map on your device and find the location you need to set on
Virtual Location. Now you can get its latitude and longitude address.

step 4. Now you can set it on the interface and click on Modify virtual location. If it is correct you can get
the popup message whether it is successful or not.

step 5. If you want to find the real location on the map you just have to simply click the Restore true
location button. Now your device will reboot. Or you can reboot your device directly to restore the
genuine location.

Here are some important facts about when setting a virtual location.

You should unlock the device through the process. Unless it will fail.

When obtaining the location you need to allow the location services on. For that, you can go to Setting >
Privacy and turn on the location.

You always need to understand that modifying the Virtual Location will affect the location of all the apps
on your iDevice.

Where we have provided only one service that you can get from 3uTools.

But there are more other features available with 3uTools.

What you need to do is just download the tool on your PC and connect your device to the PC.

Then launch the tool on your PC.

Now you can use the Toolbox of this tool to use it’s all utilities.


So we suppose that you have gained a good enough overview about the 3uTools.

Thus please try to download the latest version V2.61 of 3uTools and manage your device very easily.

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