iOS 13 Bug Fixes,Changes,Improvements

Hey dudes,we are here with new release note on iOS 13 and it’s beta versions.Apple has been releasing it’s iOS 13 beta versions with the newer features and changes dramatically.According to rumors Apple has added few important features on iOS 13.

iOS 13 Releasing Keynote

You can now experience tremendous range with the upcoming Dark Mode .More fun and functional updates on Photos,Messages & so more.Furthermore you can protect your privacy and security in a top level with iOS 13.

iOS 13 has taken a bold new look with the major updates of your regular using apps on your smart device.Let’s explore one by one on upcoming iOS 13.

Entire new look in entire all levels

With iOS 13 new features,Apple has been added a bulk of new security updates to protect your device security and your privacy.Due to improvements across the entire system that make your device faster and easy manipulating.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has gave you a dramatic experience with it’s fascinating appearance.This mode has made a easy look on your eyes too.You can easily turn on Dark Mode through your device control center or set out automatically turn on at night.

Photos & Camera

Using  Portrait Lighting you can made your photos what you want to being appear.You can change the intensity of light of  Portrait Lighting .Furthermore you can add a monochromatic effect on your particular portrait mode photos .You can categorized automatically your photos on a new curated view.

Further you can edit your photos and videos using new editing tools that have been added on iOS 13 indeed.

Privacy & Security

They have designed the way of sign in easy but more secured with protecting your privacy.


The new map on iOS 13 has been added more details around you.All your search queries are single tap away from you.Get the experience your own with using this new buddy.


Siri has added a new neural text to speech technology.You can use it in very soon guys.

Siri can learn the voice of family members using HomePod.

Memoji & Messages

New Memoji customization

New Memoji stickers

Quick path typing

Share your name & photos

Where we have provided you few newer features.But hope more in next few days.Thank you guys.

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