Panda Helper On Android.

Hello Android device users! Welcome to Panda Helper help center with all you needed educational guides. Can you remember of any day that you tapped on the download button of an app or a game and cancelled it in the next second just because you need to pay to get that app installed in your device?  If so hereafter you will never have to bother  by paying for apps. You won’t even believe your ears if I say that there are a bunch of third party app stores through which you can download the so called paid apps and games for free.  Sometimes you may be already aware of plenty of such third party app stores and you may wonder what to choose out of the list. Even without a slightest hesitation I would recommend you Panda Helper APK for it is one of the top ranking app store with lot of striking features. Moreover this app store will provide you access to thousands of tweaked apps, game apps and hacked apps too. You just need to have installed Android 4.0 in order to download this.  Let’s do an in-depth study on this alternative app store. Stay connected buddies!

Panda Helper  Mod APK

Panda Helper Mod APK is the modified version of Panda Helper. Through this modified version you are allowed to enjoy more enhanced features. It also provides limitless access to thousands of premium apps. This version is also compatible with any Android version.

How to download Panda Helper

When talking about the installation process of this super fascinating app store you have to make sure that you download it from the official website. In order to download the app store, all you need to do is following the simple steps below.

  1. Open any browser installed in your device and type Panda Helper APK in the search bar.
  2. Then tap on the second search result you see which is the official website site
  3. Or else you can simply tap on the download button appear here you’ll be directed to the official website.
  4. Then tap on any of the three download buttons you see in the website
  5. After tapping a pop up message will appear on the screen and just ignore and tap on ok.
  6. Then open the downloaded app, go to Settings on the Chrome pop-up and enable ‘Allow from this source’ and installation process will begin.
  7. Once it’s completed the Panda Helper icon will appear on your device.
  8. At this stage app store is ready to use and you have the access to thousands of tweaked apps and game apps.

Why doesn’t the Panda Helper download?

This usually happens may be because Google might have revoked the app certificates.  But after a little while you’ll be able to download it for its developers regularly substitute the certificates.

How to recover when app  stopped working?

Go to Settings then App Manager. Then tap on All Apps from menu. Next select  App Preferences. Then tap on Reset Now. Now open Panda Helper and it’ll obviously work properly.

How to delete the app

It’s quite simple. You just have to follow the same steps you do to uninstall any other app.

1.Go to settings and navigate to apps.

2. When you reach the apps list look for Panda Helper and tap on it.

3. Then scroll down and tap on uninstall button

4. Next tap on Ok to confirm and wait until the uninstallation process finishes.


  1. It has been tested by the developers that it’s absolutely safe to download Panda Helper APK in your device as it does not require to do neither rooting nor it does not contain malware or spyware. So Panda Helper has won the hearts of thousands of its users.
  2. You can download any game app or tweaked app at no cost. Yes you heard it correct. You do not need to spend on apps that can be downloaded for absolutely free from a third party app store like Panda Helper.  The apps store doesn’t even charge even any sort of subscription fee
  3. The user-friendly interface will help you to find your favourite apps without much hassle.
  4. As this supports any Android version, you can download the app store without making any changes the current operating system
  5. You can use the Panda Helper not only to download paid apps for free, but also to update them without any cost.

Mod Features:

  1. You won’t have neither to register anywhere nor to any sort of subscription.

2. Downloading of mod is totally free.

3. After having installed the app you can enjoy the facility of choosing different slot games and card games.

4. It won’t bother you by the advertisements from third parties.

  • The game has a mobile-friendly interface.

Plus points

  1. Unlike in the default Play store, the process lf installation of apps is very quick as you can download apps in no time.
  2. You don’t need to bother finding the app store as it’s available in the official website and you can download any version of the app easily.
  3. Once downloaded an APK file will be stored in the device memory. So that you uninstall and reinstall it without downloading.
  4. The Panda Helper doesn’t slow down the functioning of your phone for it is optimized and regularly updated.

Minus points

  1. You have to be very careful when downloading the Panda Helper APK for there are lot of stolen and illegal applications. If you downloaded any such application by mistake the security of your will be in danger and it can hack all the information in your device. So instead of just downloading  whatever the Panda Helper app you see on internet, make sure that you download it from the official and reliable source.

     Further,  hackers have used to use APK files, modify them and facilitate additional applications. So before downloading whatever the third party app store, give a second thought to make sure its legality.

  • The apps you’ve already downloaded  won’t automatically update as they don’t have the access to the Google Play Store

How to use

Navigating app is too simple. You just have to follow the simple steps below.

  1. First launch the app on your Android device.
  2. Then type the name of the app or game on the search bar that you want to download and follow the instructions to get the app in your device.

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Q1- What is Panda Helper APK?

The letters APK stand for  Android Package Kit. It’s a third app store for developed for Android devices. It’s a platform to download any sort of paid app for absolutely free.

O2- Is it safe to download it?

It’s safe to download APK file, but make sure you download the app from the official website.

Q3 How to find hidden files?

In order to find the hidden files, go to My Documents folder, then to the storage folder and then check – either device storage or SD card. Then tap on “More” link in the upper right corner. If there are any hidden files, you will see in the prompt appeared.


Hope this article catered to all your problems regarding the Panda Helper APK.  To sum up this app store is one of the best choice you can make if you are looking for a way to  download apps instantly without bothering  about payments and security issues. Download Panda Helper once and experience the difference of this super user-friendly app store. I guarantee you will agree with all what I explained above.

Download TutuApp/PandaHelper With 3uTools.

TutuApp as well as PandaHelper both are the best third party mobile app stores.

You can directly download those applications on your iPhone/iPad & Android smart phone.

But sometimes it getting troubles with annoying to downloading process badly.

Specially iOS users face for such troubles.

Thus we thought to provide you some difference methods to do this.

You can follow or try any of these methods and enjoy those apps instead of your device default app store.

Why you should use a third party app store ?

Default app stores always not give their service 100% for free.

Therefore users of iOS and Android facing for big troubles.

So most users tend to use a third party app stores that they can get the same apps and games for free.

Such type of third party app stores provides all apps and games for free.

Paid apps also available for free.

Thus iPhone/iPad users as well as Android users are willing to use TutuApp,PandaHelper as their default app stores.

TutuApp Download Using a QR Code

Please scan below QR code on your smart phone.

Then follow the instructions we have provided.

TutuApp APK Download

TutuApp iOS Download

TutuApp/Pandahelper Download Using 3uTools On iOS

Before you are using this tool to download TutuApp/PandaHelper,please be known about this tool more.

3uTools is the best iOS helper tool ever.

This tool you can use for several purposes.

iOS jailbreak,Flash,Ringing tone making,etc…

iOS upgrade also you can done very easily through this amazing tool.

3uTools Download

This is a simple process.

Please use your PC/MacOs.

Go to your web browser.

Then Click above downloading link.

After you download 3uTools on your PC,please connect your device to your PC.

Then search on TutuApp/PandaHelper using 3uTools.

Search result will be displayed and click Download.

Your destiny will be true.


3uTools is the best tool to download TutuApp/PandaHelper on your iOS running iPhone/iPad for free.

So use this tool to do anything that you would be like to do with your iPhone/iPad.

Please share your experience with others too.

TutuApp V 4.0.5 Download On iOS 15 With Latest Updates.

TutuApp has been released its V 4.0.5 on Android platforms with newly added features.The good news about this app that it is working on your iOS 15 firmware.Apple’s latest firmware publication is iOS 15.No issues will occur with this app indeed.All security features acceptable TutuApp download and install instead of restrict it.This article will help you to get your space for free with this app and be aware about the features of iOS 15.Just click the downloading button to download TutuApp V 4.0.5 with its full features .

iOS 15 Over View

iOS 15 consist with a pack of features and new experiences.With iOS 15 you can share your all experiences with others via SharePlay.You can listen together as well as watch.More natural FaceTime calls with high quality sounds.It doesn’t matter that you or your family how far from each other with new SharePlay.This is the amazining innovation to experience all together a same music,video,sounds and many other with your family members.

This new featured firmware has facilitated to its users share TV Shows,Movies while they are making FaceTime calls with colleagues.You can experience all behaviors and other expressions simultaneously with this feature.

You can share your screen with your group and feel together all your personal things as wish as well as others.You can invite on your friends to connect with FaceTime with sending a link even for Android platforms too.

The Latest Games On TutuApp V 4.0.5

  • Minecraft
  • Human:Fall Flat
  • LEGO Star Wars
  • Star wars
  • Maid Master MOD
  • Superhero War
  • Count Master
  • Himan Sniper 2

More other games and Apps available with this V 4.0.5 of TutuApp and very easy to download without email registrations.No credit card payment require too.

Manage Third party apps

Third party apps are the apps that provide you by a vendor which are not available on your device default app store by providing device manufactures.Most of third party apps/games ask access to your device.But this app store apps and games are not like that.Will not be affiliated with your device and you can download and install freely.

If you are completely boring with an app/game,you can remove completely from your device indeed.

But How ?

Its simple.Please go to settings and Apps details.Then tap the Remove option or Disable.

If you are facing to big problems with annoying notifications of your third party apps/games,please follow the same steps and select one of both options that Uninstall or Force Stop.If so not you can enable the Notification Block option.

TutuApp V 4.0.5 has facilitated a very strong feature to remove all installation package from your device after it installed.You can make enable that option too.

This app has an Auto Update option.If you apply this you can keep this app with update mod without manually updating.

Manage Third Party App Permission

This app or its contents are free to download.If you ask app permission please navigate on your each device with following steps.


Settings>>Privacy>>App Permissions


Settings>>Privacy>>App Permission

20 Most Addictive Games

  • AFK Arena
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Ballz
  • Brawl Stars
  • Candy Crush Friends Saga
  • Color Road
  • Draw Something
  • Empires & Puzzles:Epic Match 3
  • Flow Free
  • Geometry Dash
  • Lily’s Garden
  • New York Times Crosswords
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Snake VS Block
  • Subway Surface
  • Toon Blast
  • Two dots
  • Woodoku
  • Words With Friends
  • Wordscapes

So we suppose that this article may help you to be aware about the latest updates of TutuApp and iOS firmware.So we would like to invite you to join with us and get known about the all updates and latest apps and games with all needed downloading guides as well as full descriptions of each app/game.

This is a fully legally approved third party app store and not contained any harmful app or game indeed.Therefore you can use confidentially this app store on your device.Moreover this app store provides all you needed apps and games which your default app store doesn’t provide for free.

This app’s latest updated version including previous bug fixings and security updates.Thus you can use this app on your either device without harming your own device.

How to download/Update TutuApp Latest Version

Its very easy to perform.

TutuApp APK version available to free download.

But TutuApp iOS version is not available currently.

Insted of TutuApp iOS version you can download its TuituApp Lite version on your iDevice.

TutuApp Lite Download

Please download the Profile first.

Then go to your device Settings.


Profile & Device Manager.

Tap on the Lite Profile & tap on the Install.

TutuApp APK Download

Please download the APK file of this app

Then Open it on your device.

Enable Unknown Sources.

And hit the Install.

How to Update current Version of TutuApp

Open TutuApp.

Go to Settings.

Tap Update.

If their any update you can continue the process with navigation guide.


TutuApp is the best third party regularly updating app store that you can use on your iOS or Android smart device for free.Thousands of free apps and games available without involvement of vendors.No credit cards and bill payments require.So you can use on your device confidentially for free as well.Thank You!

TutuApp APK V4.0.2 & Error Fixing

TutuApp has released its latest APK version V4.0.2 to public on 17/05/2021.

30.45MB in size and upgraded with security features and previous bug fixings.

Team has upgraded with a convenience user interface and easy access to games & Apps.

You can easily download all you needed apps and games.

If you are still being with the older version,please upgrade right now and experience amazing new feeling with a single touch.

In this article we do expect to discuss about downloading this new version and how to fix errors that can be occur while you are downloading and installing on your device.

What are the newer features on TutuApp V4.0.2 ?

There are tons of new things you can meet from this latest version of TutuApp.

So newly released games,Apps and other entertainments are available with this app store.

You can use as your default app store as well as not to pay for this.

Now you can download very easily with this application’s advance categorized architecture.

  • Collection
  • Gacha
  • MOD
  • Video
  • Mini Game

Moreover this new face of TutuApp has shown very trending Apps & games too.So you can play games that everyone playing and compare your level.

Do you want to know the Games that Everyone is Playing ?

  • Minecraft Pocket
  • Among Us MOD
  • Subway Surface
  • Spotify Music MOD
  • Geometry Dash
  • Roblox MOD
  • Score! Hero MOD
  • Rebel Inc
  • Genshin Impact
  • Hungry Shark World
  • Coin Master MOD
  • My Talking Angela
  • Bloons TD 6 MOD
  • Jurassic World Alive
  • Idle Miners Settlement
  • Bistro Heroes MOD
  • Real Racing 3 MOD
  • The Sims FreePlay

We have given you a short list of playing games.If you want to know about the full list of Games,please download the app and play any game that you would be love to play.

At this time TutuApp V 4.02 has facilitated to share this application via QQ,Wechat,Wchat Moment,Twitter,Email,SMS.

If you have any problem with this application please contact [email protected].

Common Errors Of TutuApp Downloading

Most common error of downloading & installing TutuApp V4.0.2 is Application permission .

You can download the APK file easily but you can’t install this application on your device due to this problem.

So ho to fix it ?

Before you are going to hit the Install button,please go to Settings on your device and select App section.Then tap down arrow at top left side.

Then hit the Enable.

Now back to the previous step and tap on the Install.

If you are still being with the same problem,please turn off your WiFi connection or internet connection and reconnect it and do the same process again.

Moreover navigate on your device Settings>>Security>>App Permission Monitor And turn ON the option.

Google Play Protect

Probably Google Play Protect will restrict this application being installed.You will be received a message with mentioning the threat of this application.So you can continue the installation process still you are interesting on this application.

How to protect from TutuApp V 4.0.2 Harmful Threats

Where we must mention on all TutuApp users that this application is 100% free to download and installe.

Therefore you do not provide your Credit card details at any time that this application is downloading & installing.

And you don’t need to provide your device password or User ID too.

How to Turn Google Play Protect On or Off

This method is not a recommended method.But if you want to do so please follow the following steps on your device.Please navigate respectively Google Play Store App>>Menu>>Play Protect>>Settings>>Scan Apps With Play Protect On or Off

So more about TutuApp you can know via our upcoming TutuApp updates.So if you are interesting on TutuApp iOS ,please use our iOS page and TutuApp Windows,TutuApp VIP.

MediaBox HD in 2021.

So we are back with not TutuApp.

But another great app.

You can download from TutuApp too.

But what ?

MediaBox HD.

Oh my gosh!

Millions of free Movies.

TV Shows.


Animated Movies.

Importantly this is the way.

To what ?

Watch your favorite Movies on your mobile phone.

iPhone ?

Yes indeed.

iPhone,iPad,Android smart Phone.

MediaBox HD supportive with all iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch,Android smart Phone.

Moreover Apple TV,Android smart TV too.

Similarly MediaBox HD shows very grateful contents.

What kind of contents ?


TV Shows,

Upcoming Movie trailers,

And more other entertainment videos.

So MediaBox HD in 2021 available ?

Actually what is MediaBox HD ?

So this is the best movie streaming app.

That’s why it call likewise MediaBox HD in 2021.

Therefore you can watch unlimited Movies.

Absolutely on your mobile phone.

That’s great !

Download videos.

Watch Online.

And with subtitles.

As well as changeable options too.

In addition make your favorite list.

MediaBox HD In 2021 Features

  • Changeable theme.
  • Subtitle opacity changing.
  • Full HD video quality.
  • Fast loading videos.
  • Direct downloading.
  • Automatic loading subtitles.

So we suppose you have gain enough so far.

But not much more.

Above all we have given for your knowledge only.

Therefore its time to experience practically.

Practically what ?

Watch your favorite Movies simply.

Just tap on it.

Then hit on the play button.

If you have made it Automatic loading subs,will be convenienced.

How to download MediaBox HD In 2021

Please follow our particular guidelines.

MediaBox HD APK Download

Firstly make sure that you are with V 4.0 or latest.

Then Hit the above download button.

Then you will be directed to our downloading page.

Select your platform.

Aftermath of that hit the download button.

MediaBox HD APK file will be begin to download.

Its time to hit Open.


Enable Unknown sources.

Back to the bed.

And hit the install.


After the downloading of APK please turn off your Wi-Fi.

MediaBox HD iOS

This also in a same vein you can perform.

So please get into the download page.

Then hit download.

Hit Install.

Finally navigate Settings>>General>>Profile and Device Management and trust this on your device.


MediaBox HD iste best way to watch Movies.

Therefore we recommend for all iOS/Android users.



No money required.